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Privacy Policy.

Hyperlink Solutions is an electronic web platform used to exchange and explore business opportunities online based on searching for suitable businesses and interacting with them. The website is owned and managed by Hyperlink Solutions, S-4/71 old mahavir nagar, Tilak nagar, new delhi 110018.

Our team at Hyperlink Solutions has planned the privacy policy to safeguard the interest of the users. It is our policy to always caution our users to read and understand the privacy policy carefully so that they are aware of how their personal & business information will be handled as they engage with Hyperlink Solutions and take full advantage of our services. The policy is only applicable to the users of Hyperlink Solutions and not beyond. Hyperlink Solutions upholds the right to amend the policies at any time by publishing the revised version on the website. The revised version will automatically be applicable to all the customers upon posting on the mentioned website. Users are suggested to check the privacy policy periodically because the change might alter the information practices of the website.

Collection of information- Commercial and Personal

Hyperlink Solutions collects and stores information from the users at the time of registration and at specific instances when required. Hyperlink Solutions can asks for personal information like- name, occupation, contact number, residential and email address to know our customers better along with business information like- company’s details, requirements and services they are seeking from us.

Use of our website, either for free or paid services, constitutes approval by the user. The approval grants Hyperlink Solutionsthe right to use the submitted information, publish the desired details throughout its platforms i.e., sister concerns, divisions and other ventures, including but not limiting to lead sections, directories, catalogues, website pages and listings.

Hyperlink Solutions keeps the information provided by the user confidential, and does not share it with any third parties or any other users or visitors unless explicitly stated and approved by the user.

Promotions using emails and banner advertisements which run on Hyperlink Solutions are sponsored by third parties and sometimes co-sponsored by Hyperlink Solutions too. Some or all of the data posted by the user might be shared to the sponsor. Although, the user upholds the right to not to participate and restrict transfer of their data to the sponsor by mailing us feedback@Hyperlink Solutions

To improve and provide better user experience, our team stores and analyse the usage statistics i.e., browser software, content interactions, screen resolution, website visits, page visits etc.

Use of personal and commercial information

The information is collected to upgrade user experience at Hyperlink Solutions and to provide better services like- better communication, interactive interface and personalized support model. The mentioned services are usually free of cost and paid in case of some add-ons. The business information requested by Hyperlink Solutions is used to display user’s products and services via catalogues, website and business listings. The sole purpose is to create an online business presence of the user.

Using the usage statistics, current trends and requirements, Hyperlink Solutions serves its users with advertisements, necessary free services and user experience through general newsletters, website and customised mails. Publishing the user’s personal and business information at Hyperlink Solutions allows other buyers and sellers to reach out our users with the business enquiries via email, phone, WhatsApp or SMS. The query raised is not guaranteed to match the respective interests of both parties because Hyperlink Solutions doesn’t exercise control over buyers or sellers for sending business enquiries to our listed users.

Hyperlink Solutions records browsing activities, requirement postings and purchase insights of our users including but not limited to their customer’s contact information and profiles to provide improved services to our users. We also record browsing and buying patterns of our users including and not limited to their search insights, profiles and contact details of their customers.

Hyperlink Solutions may/should assign virtual numbers to free and paid members and incorporate them into displays at all divisions/sister concerns/ventures, as well as use them for listings and displays on other places and portals, such as Third-Party Service Providers and Search Engines. Hyperlink Solutions records and tracks the calls to use the same to improve our services.

Distribution of information

Hyperlink Solutions, in its best effort, makes constant and faithful attempt to make its online platform more relevant, efficient and in sync with the latest trends and user requirements. Users might expect regular mails and feedback calls from Hyperlink Solutions, to notify its users of new products and services with the use of match-making tools based on user interface.Hyperlink Solutions can send direct emails to the users (without giving away the email address) concerning the products and services of other users that Hyperlink Solutions feels they might be of the interest to our user or if the other user has indicated an interest in your company through our paid buyers- sellers contact services. Only the registered members or employees of Hyperlink Solutions who have signed confidentiality agreement can send these direct emails. Materiality of the contact between the two users rely on the information sought and provided by different users.

Any personally identifiable information collected by Hyperlink Solutions is neither shared nor disclosed unless we get the approval of the user or under special circumstances or the information is requested by any law enforcement body or government itself or disclosure is permitted by the privacy policy of Hyperlink Solutions. To avoid email extraction, Hyperlink Solutions does not reveal user’s email address and the same can be shared by the users themselves or on their respective website connected by the business listings or catalogues at Hyperlink Solutions.

Hyperlink Solutions can disclose the user identity and contact information under special circumstances to government authorities, law enforcement bodies, private investigators or aggrieved third parties during investigation of a suspected crime or civil misconduct.

Additionally, Hyperlink Solutions may reveal user’s information in response to a subpoena or other legal process or take legal action against violator of rights or property of Hyperlink Solutions or if necessary, in order to maintain, upgrade or improve the services offered at Hyperlink Solutions. User’s personal information can be shared in case of sale as well.

Revision of information

A user can update his/her profile and edit account information by logging to ‘My Folder’ at Hyperlink Solutions and respective changes would be displayed after completion of requisite verifications.

A user can delete or deactivate his/her account and as a consequence, the user will not be able to access any of our services. Residual information would be tossed into our archive bin.

Safeguarding the information

At any point, Hyperlink Solutionsdoes not participate in slipping data to third party to selling user data in bulk wherefore, the data is ill-used for telesales, telemarketing, email marketing etc. moreover, Hyperlink Solutions doesn’t trade in any user’s personally identifiable information without permission from the user. The statistics offered to the sponsors, partners and prospective advertisers only include user preferences and trends, not any personal information is divulged about any individual user.

The users are advised to sign out from ‘My Folder’ when not using the website, safeguard their passwords and other details and divulge their information only after confirming the receiver’s intent. If any user shares his/her electronic devise like-laptop or computer or use public computers, make sure to log out. Users are advised for the same to protect their personal and business information from wrongdoers.

The users are advised to sign out from ‘My Folder’ when not using the website, safeguard their passwords and other details and divulge their information only after confirming the receiver’s intent. If any user shares his/her electronic devise like-laptop or computer or use public computers, make sure to log out. Users are advised for the same to protect their personal and business information from wrongdoers.

Hyperlink Solutions takes requisite steps, within its commercial reasonability, to make sure that user information is collected and stored securely. User discretion is advised. Even though Hyperlink Solutions strives to preserve user information, Hyperlink Solutions cannot ensure 100% secure data transmission. There is no guarantee that the data shared with us is absolutely safe and users can share the information, both personal and commercial at their own risk.

Once you share any information with us, our team takes proactive measures to ensure the safety of your data. Please be aware that any time you provide personal or business information online that is open to the public, you may receive unsolicited messages from other parties.

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